Cumulus Echo Retirement Plan

Start saving for your retirement from as little as R250 per month – and get a bonus for every payment you make!

The Sanlam Cumulus Echo Retirement Plan is the only retirement savings annuity in South Africa that will reward you with an Echo Bonus for every payment you make into your savings. So, the longer you save (and the sooner you start), the more bonuses you’ll benefit from.

  • First and foremost, you’ll have financial security in your retirement years.
  • Tax Benefits – you benefit from tax deductions and the growth on your investment is tax free!
  • Your retirement savings are protected from your creditors – which means your money is safe from any financial loss you may experience.
  • As with a regular retirement annuity, you make payments towards your fund, which accumulate over time.
  • Your money will grow from the returns on your investment (after charges).
  • Now, with the Cumulus Echo Retirement Plan, you’ll benefit from an additional savings boost, called the Echo Bonus!
  • The Echo Bonus is a percentage of your total fund amount, which will depend on how many years you save for:

To find out exactly how our Cumulus Echo Retirement Plan can benefit you, leave your contact details, and we’ll call you back.